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dh2_sockpuppet in dh2_challenge

Guessing game

That's a wrap! With today's post, we've come to an end of the Deathly Hallows Challenge. Reveals will occur on Monday. Right now, you have the weekend to catch up reading and make some guesses as to which of our authors wrote which ficlet. (You can leave guesses in screened comments to this post, and I'll report on the results on Monday. If any writers want to offer any incentives to guessers, feel free to leave those in a comment, as well, and I'll unscreen your comment so folks can see.)

To help you get started, we have twelve stories written by eleven excellent authors (yes, one person wrote two): albalark, celandineb, islandsmoke, kellychambliss, liliths_requiem, liseuse, magnetic_pole, rotaryphones, sleeper6, squibstress, westernredcedar.

See you all again on Monday!

Sunday, July 31
Sweep, Argus Filch, PG-13 (on DW)
In the aftermath of the battle, Argus does the only thing he can.

Monday, August 1
Rescue, the Dragon and the Human, G (on DW)
What happened to the dragon?

Tuesday, August 2
The Three of Us, Hermione/Ron, PG (on DW)
"Harry talks in his sleep, did you know that?"

Wednesday, August 3
Untitled, Minerva McGonagall and her memories, G (on DW)
Professor McGonagall's thoughts after the battle.

Thursday, August 4
The Vindication of Unrequited Love
, Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks/Bill Weasley, PG-13 (on DW)
A study of Tonks/Remus’ relationship and an attempt to keep Sirius/Remus canon while including the canon of book seven.

Friday, August 5
Between a Rock and a Hard Place, assorted Slytherins, PG-13 (on DW)
Rehabilitating the “take the Slytherins to the dungeons” line.

Saturday, August, 6
I Will, Severus/Lily, Harry, PG (on DW)
Severus Snape’s thoughts as he looks into Harry’s eyes.

Monday, August 8
Reckoning, Minerva McGonagall, PG (on DW)
A month after the Battle of Hogwarts, they come for her.

Tuesday, August 9
Promise of Heaven, the Gringott's Dragon, G (on DW)
Where did the dragon go?

Wednesday, August 10
Firing the First Shot, Pius Thicknesse, PG (on DW)
One of the Death Eaters suggests to Voldemort that they delay the attack on Hogwarts right before it starts. Why?

Thursday, August 11
A Choice, Severus Snape, PG-13 (on DW)
Snape’s thoughts as he looks at Harry for the final time.

Friday, August 12
Touchy, Feely, Lord Voldemort, Mundungus Fletcher, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, PG-13 (on DW)
Lord Voldemort’s social skills leave something to be desired.


I'll offer a drabble or ficlet to anyone who guesses mine. *g*
Like Cel above, I'm offering a drabble to anyone who correctly guesses mine! M.
I wish I had an idea of who wrote what, but I'm clueless. Can't wait to find out, though. There are some really well done fics here!

Oh, and yes! Me, too. A drabble to the correct guessers. ;)

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