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dh2_sockpuppet in dh2_challenge

The Three of Us

Title: The Three of Us
Pairing: Hermione/Ron
Word count: 405
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary and/or prompt: queerashpwolf prompted with "Harry talks in his sleep, did you know that?"
Author's notes: Thank you, magnetic_pole, for organizing this!

"Harry talks in his sleep, did you know that?"
Ron, in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2

Hermione did know that Harry talked in his sleep, as it happened, but this was neither the time the place to admit to it. Afterward, if they all survived... she refused to think about the alternative.

"We need to talk, Ron."

Hermione had waited several months for this, long enough that she hoped Ron was confident in their mutual love.

"About what?" asked Ron through a mouthful of toast.


Ron's smile faded. "You're not going to ask me to try to get him and Ginny back together, are you? Because I don't think it would work."

"No, that's not it at all." Hermione started to pour herself another cup of tea, but her hand shook as she reached for the teapot. She chewed her lip. "You and Harry..."

"Me and Harry, what?" Ron sounded wary.

"The way that Harry looked at you sometimes make me wonder. Was there ever anything between you? More than just friendship, I mean?"

"Hermione!" Ron's face was red.

"Well, was there?" she persisted.

"We messed around a little sometimes, yeah," Ron muttered, not looking at her. "But it doesn't matter, that's over, it's nothing to do with you and me."

Hermione took a deep breath. "Did you want it to be over? The truth, Ron. I know how much you love me, so don't lie because you think I can't handle it if you say you love Harry too."

There was a long silence.

"We had a fight," said Ron at last. "That was part of the reason I left last autumn. He wanted to tell you about us, and I didn't. Kind of stupid, really, if you'd already guessed anyhow."

Hermione took Ron's hand and held it tightly between both of her own. "I hadn't guessed, not by then. It was while you were gone. One of us had to be awake and on guard all of the time, even with all of the protective spells, so when Harry was asleep I was awake, and I used to hear him talking in his sleep. He, well, he would say your name, and it was pretty clear he wasn't angry."

"Oh." Ron swallowed. "So you don't mind?"

"Actually... the thing is, Ron, that we've always done best with the three of us together, haven't we? Maybe we'd do best at life that way, too."

Ron squeezed her hand. "That might just the most brilliant idea you ever had, Hermione."


Ha ha, this is brilliant! Ron and Harry--yeah, I could picture that.
Brilliant idea, indeed!

Nicely done little "extra-canon" snippet that adds an extra layer to the trio.

I especially liked the idea that an argument with Harry was part of what prompted Ron to walk out on them.
Hee. Many thanks! And poor Ron, just feeling like he got no respect or love from either of the other two just then... I'd have walked out myself.
*g* Thank you very much! I've always rather thought those two might have done some experimenting together.
The trio rules!
*cackles madly*
Hee, thank you!
Yay, trio! Lovely.
I love trio, I really do. They balance each other out so well.
*giggles* Thank you so much!
He, well, he would say your name, and it was pretty clear he wasn't angry.


Love this take on the prompt!
Hee, many thanks!
Loved the twist that it was Ron/Harry, rather than Hermione/Harry -nicely done and a great way to smooth out those annoying Canon wrinkles. Trio FTW! ::g::
*vbg* Ron is so often second place, it seemed nice to give him a chance to be the one in the center for a change!
I really like the idea that that was part of why Ron left.

And the last line is vintage Ron.
*giggles* I suspect I pinched that line unconsciously from either the book or the film. So yeah. Thank you!
The trio makes so much sense to me, given all they've been through. :)
Well done!
Thank you! The trio totally makes sense to me too; their abilities complement one another so very well. Without Harry, Hermione and Ron are off-kilter.
Yes! \o/ Trio forever!
Indeed indeed! Thanks!
I have a soft spot for Harry/Ron/Hermione, and this was a sweet little story of how that might go down. Thanks for writing!
*g* Thank you very much!
What a great segue into some Trio fic! :-D
Hee, yes, perhaps at some point. Thank you!

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