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dh2_sockpuppet in dh2_challenge


Title: Rescue
Characters: the Dragon and the Human
Word count: 477
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt: What happened to the dragon?

She had no idea where she was. When she had smashed her way out of Gringotts, her only thought was escape. The cool, delicious air blowing from the North had turned her path that way, and she had flown until her wings, weak from disuse, had forced her down on the rocky shore of a lake. She could barely see; the unaccustomed sunlight pained her eyes. Most of her life had been spent in the dark vaults of the bank, chained and tortured and deprived of the air and the light and the sky. She was hungry and frightened, lost and alone, but at long last she was free.

And she had no idea what to do next.

She hid by the lake for a couple of days, her sight growing a little stronger though her eyes still pained her during the sunlit hours. There were animals nearby that smelled like the food she had been given in the vault, so at night she’d sneak out and snatch one or two. One night humans were waiting for her with a trap. She escaped, but with a deep gash on her foreleg.

She lay by the lake now, licking her wound. She had to leave, she knew that, but… where could she go?

“I can help with that.”

The dragon’s head whipped up, and she snorted a cloud of smoke and sparks in surprise. Not too far away stood a human. The dragon knew humans, knew that they were not the ones who carried the means of torture into the vaults. She also knew that didn’t mean they weren’t dangerous. Her leg throbbed.

“Your eyes, too. I can put something in them that will take the pain away.”

She didn’t understand the words. She knew a few, but not these, and the tone with which they were spoken was foreign to her as well. It was gentle, calming. She lowered her head and squinted at the man in the moonlight. Odd. The dragon sniffed. He appeared to be covered in dragon hide.

“My name’s Charlie. If you’ll let me, I can help you; take you someplace safe when you’re ready.”

The dragon shook her head as if to clear it. No one had ever spoken to her like this; no one had ever stood in her presence who did not stink of fear and aggression. Who was this strange man whose soft words seemed to resonate within her dragon’s heart even while their meaning alluded her brain?

The dragon belched a jet of flame that roared right by the man. He swayed in the backwash of the blast, his eyes narrowing against the heat and the light, but he didn’t flinch. In fact, he took a step closer.

“It’s all right. No one will ever hurt you again. I promise.”

And the dragon knew where she would go.


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This is just beautiful.

I adored the dragon scenes in the film; the film-makers actually gave her a character, which was nice, and you've followed it through perfectly here.

Your Charlie is lovely, too. So often, he's portrayed as a bit of a thrill-seeker for working with dragons, but you've made him much more interesting than that in a few short lines.

I especially loved: No one had ever spoken to her like this; no one had ever stood in her presence who did not stink of fear and aggression.

Nicely done.
Thank you! The artists in the movie made her so real. She was one of the most striking things they created, I thought.
Very well done. I confess, I hadn't thought about what would happen to the dragon. I like your characterization of Charlie and your poignant descriptions of the dragon's life at Gringotts.
Thank you. I liked that in the movie, Hermione reacted to the plight of the dragon, where in the books she didn't. Seemed more IC, to me.
Thank you, this is perfect; I, as well, had thought that Ron (being Charly's brother) and Hermione would during the days following the final battle talk to Charly about the dragon, who had, after all, saved their lives.... but even if they did not, the escape had made the news, so he would go and check what had become of him anyway....
Movie Hermione seemed more concerned for the dragon than book Hermione, so maybe she did mention it to Charlie. Or maybe he searched her out on his own.

Thanks for commenting.
This is beautiful. My heart broke for the poor dragon in Gringotts and I'm glad you gave her a happy ending. I also like your characterisation of Charlie.
Thank you!
*sniffles* This is wonderful. What a splendid Charlie, and I loved that you wrote from the dragon's POV.
Thank you! (Sometimes I find the simpler the mind I'm writing from, the easier it is. ;))
Yay for Weasleys! I hadn't really thought about what happened to the Dragon since the action kicks in from that point and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

So glad that Charlie could make sure that the dragon would be ok, especially after saving our Trio like that.
I like to think that Charlie's the kind of guy who would have gone after the dragon regardless, but yes, she did save his brother's life.

Thanks for commenting!
This is lovely.
Thank you, Ray!
I really loved this. You gave the dragon a personality without making her human. Charlie's character was wonderful, and the way they meet doesn't seem forced. The natural instincts kicking in (with the hunting) was also a really nice touch :)
Thank you!

Thanks for commenting.
Beautifully written and what a lovely end/beginning for that poor dragon! Go Charlie!
Charlie continues the family tradition of taking in strays. ;)

Thanks for the comment!
I admit that I spent most of the second half of the movie worrying about the dragon - am relieved that I wasn't the only one. And that you've given her story a happy ending.
The dragon was so real in the movie, and then someone dropped this lovely prompt. I'm really glad they did!

Thanks for commenting.
I'm so glad to hear the dragon is well. Your description of her time in Gringotts is painfully sharp.

And Charlie! Of course.

no one had ever stood in her presence who did not stink of fear and aggression. Great line.
I think she's on the mend. ;)

Thanks for commenting!
*happy sigh*
Yes, I can see Charlie going off to find her once he knew about her.
He seems to have a calling. :)
He does indeed.

Thanks for commenting!
Oh, yay for Charlie! And for the dragon's happy ending. ♥
Thanks for commenting!
Oh oh oh oh oh!!! I love this!! I love the descriptions of how the dragon feels, what her senses are, and I just adore the ways she can tell that Charlie is different. That's so fascinating that she can tell the difference between humans and goblins, and can understand a few words humans speak sometimes, etc. And that like any animal, she can be calmed and assured by a calm, assuring human tone and intent.

Thank you, Lee, and thank you for the rec!
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